It is absolute MAYHEM today as we are only hours out of Taylor Swifts brand new album release! From album leaks, to Easter Egg hunts, to juicy sneak peeks by Swift herself on TikTok:


At this hearing, I stand before my fellow members of The Tortured Poets Department with a summary of my findings. Album tonight. Fortnight music video tomorrow at 8pm et.

♬ original sound – Taylor Swift


Meanwhile, trusty Swifties are dissecting the little leaks that we are currently being drip fed and are really jumping to some wild conclusions.. but, they kinda make sense? Here’s a very eery one for example:


DBATC bffr 😭 #taylorswift #dbatc #postmortem #thetorturedpoetsdepartment

♬ original sound – swiftiesweetheart


In any case, we’re all somewhere on the Swift Spectrum, either today is just another day to you, or you’re popping champagne first thing in the morning:


Who’s ready?!?! #taylorswift #ttpd #taylornation #comedy #relatable #foryou #trending

♬ original sound – Madison Humphrey

Either way, we’re all KINDA waiting for 2pm.. right?

Keep it KIIS to hear the album FIRST, right on 2pm!!!!