How good does a year’s worth of Chargrill Charlie’s sound?

Well guess what, this isn’t a drill – you can find Chargrill Charlie’s epic showbag in store for your chance to win $18,000 worth of the cult favourite chicken!

We’re talking Charlie’s merch, exclusive access to Feeding Frenzy, Charlie’s vouchers for their delicious home-style meals, a bottle of Coke (600ml), Coke Sunglasses, a Crystal Car Wash Voucher, and more! 

The most important thing you’ll need to look out for is the ‘Eggstravaganza Chocolate Bar’ – one of these will contain the golden ticket for your $18,000 prize. Think… Willy Wonka!

The epic showbag is up for grabs for $25 (or only $10 when you spend $30) in-store with each absolutely jam-packed with treats and the chance to win prizes for you and the whole family. 

The Chargrill Charlie Showbags are available from 11 April but for a limited time only, so pop into your local store today for yummy food, a smiling face and lots of fun freebies!