John Stamos had Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen fired from Full House when they were just 11 months old.

The reason? Their constant crying.

Uncle Jesse made the admission during his recent appearance on the Good Guys podcast.

“We’re doing the scene. Joey and I were changing the baby, right? And Danny [Bob Saget] is gone and said, ‘Take care of the kids.’ ‘Yeah, we got it. We got it,’” Stamos recalled.

“So, we’re carrying the baby downstairs and we take her in the kitchen and we hose her down. And she was screaming. Both of them. They wanted to be anywhere else but there, and so did I.”

“They were 11 months old, and God bless them. They kept switching: ‘This one’s not gonna cry.’ I couldn’t deal with it. And I said, ‘This is not gonna work,’ and I screamed it 10 times. I said, ‘Get rid of them, I can’t work like this.’ And so they got rid of them,” Stamos said.

The show then hired two new child actors, and they didn’t last very long.

“They bring on these two redheaded kids,” Stamos continued. “I’m sure their parents loved them and thought they were attractive… It had nothing to do with [them being] redheaded, but they weren’t attractive.”

They filmed with new kids for “only a few days,” before Stamos was asking for Mary-Kate and Ashley back.

“Bring the Olsens back! These kids are terrible,” he said. “It was a day or something. We tried the other kids, it didn’t work.”

Obviously, the Olsen twins went on to star in all eight seasons of the hit show but didn’t reprise their role for the Fuller House reboot.

You can listen to the full chat here…