We all fell in love with the cast of Heartbreak High, especially the dream boat that Dusty is!

Good news, school is officially back in session. Heartbreak High will return for Season 2.

Heartbreak High is a reimagination of an iconic piece of Australian television. Since the series premiered on 14 September 2022, it has:

  • Remained in Australia top 10 TV shows on Netflix for five weeks since release
  • Spent three weeks in global top 10 TV shows on Netflix (hitting #6, #5, #8 and amassing over 42.6M hours viewed in the three weeks )
  • Reached top 10 TV shows in over 43 countries on Netflix including in US, Europe, Africa and Asia
  • Popped off on TikTok where #heartbreakhigh has amassed over 300m views

It’s no surprise that it’s being renewed!