Taylor Swift’s first Australian Show of The Eras Tour is right around the corner and being a part of an enthusiastic crowd that large is always an amazing feeling, especially when you’re all in sync. So on that note, here are some chants you need to know to fully embrace the vibes.

Delicate – Once the intro is over chant “1,2,3…let’s go bitch!”

Don’t Blame Me –  Scream “Take me to church” during the bridge.

You Belong With Me – Double hand clap during the bridge.

Bad Blood –  “You forgive, you forget but you never let it go” during the bridge.

Style –  Scream “What time is it?” before the first verse.

Anti-Hero – “Taylor you’ll be fine” during the nd verse.


Blank Space –  Scream the city name during the bridge.

You Need To Calm Down –  Scream as loud as you can “Cause Shade never made anybody less gay”.

Fearless – Make a heart with your hands at the “It’s Fearless” part.

You Need To Calm Down –  When she says “Let me see your hands”….Wave your hands!!

Marjorie – Turn your flashlight on during the whole song.


Bejeweled – Scream “Where are you going Taylor?” at the ending of the first verse.

All Too Well – Scream “How’d that make you feel” before the line “That made me want to die”

Champagne Problems –  Standing ovation after the song cause she’s great!