Doritos have released a nacho cheese-flavoured liquor and honestly, we don’t know what to expect next.

The American chip brand has partnered with drinks company Empirical to offer chip lovers their “iconic Nacho Cheese flavour in a bottle.”

The limited-release 42% alcohol will be made by using real crisps and extracting their “essence through vacuum distillation”, which the two companies say is to “preserve the flavours”.


Doritos releases alcoholic drink that tastes like NACHO CHEESE! #fyp #doritos #drink #alcohol #nacho #chips

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People reacted to the news online, with one person saying exactly what we were thinking, “They did what now..”

“They spent so much time trying to figure out if they could that they never questioned if they should” one person wrote.

While the product is hitting the shelves in the US next month for an estimated price of $95 AUD, we’re unsure whether the liquor will touch down in Australia yet.