Aussies across the country are furious at McDonalds right now.

Soft serves have been an iconic staple of the Macca’s menu since way back when, costing only 30 cents at one point! Most recently we were grabbing a sweet silky smooth cone for 80 cents, but that’s all changing.

Inflation has hit even the cheapest of fast food giants. McDonalds have increased the soft serve price by 44% to $1.15 per cone. In fact, in the last decade the soft serve price has increased by 283%!

A spokesperson from the fast food mammoth responded to the “unaffordable luxury” outrage.

“We’re committed to our ‘Value means more at Macca’s’ promise, which includes providing our customers with exceptional everyday value, great customer service, 24/7 convenience and focusing on year-round offers like our family bundles,” the spokesperson said.

“Customers can also get great value at McDonald’s through My Macca’s Rewards – which offers great discounts, weekly deals and loyalty rewards – and through our year-round Loose Change Menu.”

“Like all businesses, we review our prices from time to time, considering several factors, including the higher-cost environment we are all operating in. As individual businesses, McDonald’s prices are set at a restaurant level.”