Lyre’s have partnered with the McGrath foundation dropping a Pink ‘Spirit’, a non-alcoholic homage to gin so you can join in with the ladies even if you don’t drink or are going dry this year!

They’re an award-winning non-alcoholic drinks company and they’re just getting started baby.

The interest in Non-Alcoholic spirits is set to sky rocket in the next couple of years following a rapid expansion in the market recently.

We’re all too old to be getting hangovers anyway…

Lyre’s have not only added a London Pink Spirit to the mix which has notes of rosehip, raspberries and red currant but they’re dropped two Agave alternatives too, the Agave Blanco and Agave Reserva.

ANNNND they’ll be donating 10% of all Australian Pink London Spirit sales to the McGrath Foundation so you can feel extra good about your purchase!

Lyre’s Pink London Spirit RRP: $44.99 per 700ml bottle