Grandmother Caroline Duddridge, 63, from Cardiff, is charging her family for Christmas dinner.

She says it’s a ‘no brainer’ and an important lesson for all five of her children aged between 24 and 37.

Speaking to BBC 5 Live, she jokingly quipped: ‘If you don’t pay by 1 December, you’re not coming.

‘Obviously, there were a few moans and grumbles saying “I’ve got a few children”, but at the end of the day that’s not my problem really, is it?’

Duddridge says she includes the price of electricity in the invoice. Caroline is this year asking £15 of her two sons and £10 of her three daughters – who are charged less due to family duties, and working part-time. She also charged grandchildren over the age of five £5, and those younger, £2.50.

This started in 2016 after Caroline’s husband passed away and her income was slashed in half. She was working part-time as a teacher’s assistant to make ends meet.

So is this a socialist dream or a frugal nightmare?