What says “It’s my 18th birthday” better than slamming down a couple seltzer’s and singing Kelly Clarkson at the top of your lungs? Nothin.

Jetstar, the little airline that could, have just turned 18 and teamed up with RAY to celebrate by bringing us the collab we didn’t know we needed in our lives.

The dua have released four limited edition alcoholic seltzers representing some of their most loved destinations. The flavours are described as:

Bali – Rambutan, Soursop, Hibiscus & Balmy Nights
Queenstown – Mulled Wine, Cloves, Cinnamon & Adventure
Melbourne – Deconstructed Cafe Latte & Cool, Urban Vibes
Gold Coast – Coconut, Fairy Floss, Sea Salt & Good Times

They’re on sale now for a limited time only so get in quick if you want them! Available through the RAY website.