If you loooove spicy food, we’ve found the burger for you!

It’s pretty hard to beat a spicy chicken burger in a charcoal bun, and Melbourne’s own Burgertory franchise does some of the best! They’ve brought out a new chicken burger, aptly named Lucifer, which would test even the biggest spice lovers.

It’s made with Fried Chicken dipped in Carolina reaper sauce and house-made Purity mayo, and death Slaw, which is mixed with our house-made wicked hot sauce, and is just as devilishly hot as it’s said to be.
Beware, it isn’t for the faint hearted! We couldn’t finish it, even paired with one of their delicious Caramel Cookies shakes. It tastes so good, you’ll wish you could though!
Have you tried and finished it? Let us know in the comments!