Vodka Cruiser is ushering in its new dark flavour range, Vodka Cruiser Cola, with a quirky initiative called “Hex Your Ex,” inviting heartbroken Australians to partake in a tongue-in-cheek ritual of purging their past relationships. The campaign comes on the heels of national research revealing insights into breakup sentiments and coping mechanisms.

According to a survey of over 1,000 Australian adults, nearly three-quarters have endured messy breakups, with Gen Zs often citing reasons like catching “the ick.” Interestingly, while women tend to seek solace in socialising with friends and family, men are more inclined towards rebound dating.

Witch and Tarot Card reader Angela Dix underscores the importance of cleansing negative items for healing. With over 60% of women admitting to unfriending their exes, and more than half of Gen Zs expressing willingness to hex them, the campaign offers a lighthearted outlet for emotional release.

Some of the genius hexes include:

  • Headphones that always run out of battery mid-run.
  • Missing sweet & sour sauce when they order nuggets.
  • Ubers that take ages and then cancel, especially when they’re in a hurry.
  • Packages getting delivered to the post office even though they were home.

The new Vodka Cruiser Cola range, featuring Vanilla Cola and Black Cherry Cola flavours, is now available nationwide!

To Hex Your Ex and try the new range of Vodka Cruiser Cola Aussies can simply visit