Guys, National Burrito Day is almost upon us again. Comes around so quickly doesn’t it? It’s like we just get through Christmas, then hot cross buns are on the shelves and then before you know it BAM National Burrito Day is here again.

Okay, we admit that we had to look up whether or not this is an actual real day, apparently it is. And apparently it’s celebrated on the first Thursday of April every year, that’s this Thursday! Holy guacamole!

Either way, it’s a national holiday that we can get behind. And this year, Taco Bell and Arnott’s have come together to make a whole new cheesy burrito with Arnott’s Shapes inside.

The limited-edition Shapes Ultimate Cheese Burrito is available in Taco Bell stores around the country for one week only.

Each burrito is your standard Beefy Cheesy Burrito but is stuffed chockas with Fully Loaded Ultimate Cheese Shapes. And can you just stop and appreciate the texture in this thing for one second?!?

You can grab it this week for $5 or $10 in a meal.

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