To the millions of gluten intolerants Aussies, here’s another one for you!

You can now enjoy Barbecue flavoured Shapes just like the rest of us. Available nationwide from early April, the brand-new savoury Gluten Free Shapes is made from a carefully crafted gluten free baking blend, offering the same great taste and quality that Arnott’s is known for.

Endorsed by Coeliac Australia & New Zealand, this launch follows last year’s release of the highly anticipated Gluten Free Tim Tam, as Arnott’s continues to cater to the dietary requirements of gluten free consumers. Other Arnott’s favourites already available in the Gluten Free range include Scotch Finger, Mint Slice, TeeVee Snacks, Choc Ripple, Shortbread Cream and Tiny Teddy.  

If you’re gluten intolerant, avoiding gluten, or looking for more savoury options when hosting friends and family who are, Gluten Free Barbecue Shapes will be available in Coles, Woolworths and independent retailers from early April for $5.50 each.