Things got a bit awkward after Tracy Grimshaw signed off from her 17-year-long hosting gig at A Current Affair. 

Not to put a damper on the absolute feat it is to host a show for so many years, but it seems her farewell wasn’t all smooth.

In a video circulating social media, we see Tracy farewelling her colleagues. She seems rushed but still hugging people as she walks through.

Until she gets to Allison Langdon. Langdon goes in for a hug but Tracy shakes her head and fully rejects her… awkward.

@badassnewss Tracy Grimshaw has signed off ACA for the last time and also regected a hug from Today Show host – Allison Langdon on the way out 😬 bit awks. #tracygrimshaw #acurrentaffair #goodonyatrace #congratulations🎉 ♬ another love sped up – avery

Let’s get an action shot on that:



The comments on the video express how painfully awkward the situation is. Tracy is obviously not one to grin and bare it, but we all know that from how much of a badass she’s been over the last 17 years.

Langdon is set to take over Tracy’s hosting gig in 2023, but the reason why she was rejected by Tracy is a mystery.