‘The Simpsons’ have yet again predicted the future!

In the past, people have realised that they’ve accidentally predicted things, including in a 2000 episode that Donald Trump would become President, and a 2005 episode that weed would become legal.

Now in a re-surfaced episode from 2015, one of the producers has claimed they’ve done it again.

After Trump’s announcement yesterday that he’d be running for President in 2024, the producer, Al Jen, Tweeted a clip from an episode which features Homer and a Trump 2024 camping sign.  

In the 2000 episode where Lisa talks about Trump being President, they never say what year it is – but now that the sign says Trump 2024 in their 2015 episode, people are convinced that the producers somehow know what is happening in the future.



If they could just predict that there’ll be world peace, that would be great.