Imagine putting your DNA results into one of those cool genealogy sites and expecting a hit or two from a long lost cousin… and instead finding out that you have at least 93 biological siblings??

That’s the premise behind Netflix’s newest crime doco, Our Father, based on the horrifying and true story of fertility doctor Donald Cline, who inseminated at least 94 unknowing women (that we know of) with his own sperm for over 30 years!

The women were led to believe that the donors were medical students who only donated up to 3 times, and it wasn’t until the advent of genealogy testing that anyone found out. To make it even worse, most of the siblings lived within a 25 mile radius of each other, so who knows how many of them they could have encountered, or even unwittingly dated?? Truly terrifying!

Check out the trailer here!

Image: Collider