It is, in our opinion, one of the most-underrated sitcoms of all time, and now it may be coming back to our screens.

Our favourite TV Dad-turned-TV Meth cook, Bryan Cranston has revealed that Malcolm In The Middle might just be set for a long-overdue comeback.

Cranston hinted at the reunion in a recent interview with GQ, telling them that he’s “curious about that family 20 years later”.

The ‘Breaking Bad’ actor isn’t the first cast member to throw his support behind the idea of a reunion.

Frankie Muniz has previously said that he was “totally down” with the idea of reprising his role as the show’s titular character ‘Malcolm’. Frankie went on to say that Cranston had been taking the reins with the script.

“He’s kind of heading writing the script and getting everything rolling, so there might be something,” Muniz said last year.

Don’t about you, but with all the reboots and comebacks flying around, this one seems long overdue.


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