Bluey the phenomenal show breaking records around the world and Australia’s most popular television export has just wrapped up its current season with an outstanding 28-minute finale. The usual seven-minute show has blown audiences away worldwide with a touching episode about making major life-changing decisions and although they might look to cause unhappiness, it’s hard to know what’s around the corner.

Although written as a children’s show, it has captivated an adult following due to its handling of life’s ups and downs as well as the realities of parenting. Recently its broad global audience tuned in for an episode that securely places Bluey it’s spot in the history books.

X/Twitter users let their thoughts known about the episode with tweets like; “This scene made us all cry. This chapter is simply a masterpiece”. Another tweeted “What an episode! The Sign was amazing. I loved it. It was so unexpected in the best ways possible. Bluey again cemented itself as one of the best kids’ shows ever made in 28 heartfelt minutes! Thank you to the entire Bluey team for this emotional and fun story!”

Another user states “Bluey start to finish, one of the greatest shows that I have ever seen and it isn’t even close.” I think @maximilian_ sums it up best though….


Our very own Zach from Zach & Dom posted his reaction…


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But if you want to see a true reaction from its loyal fanbase watch this…(note minor spoilers)


When the new @Bluey episode gets the better of your tiny little 3 year old empathetic heart ☹️😭 #bluey #thesign #blueytok #blueythesign #disney #disneyplus #ABCkids #blueytheory #familytiktok #mumsoftiktok

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