Well, stone the flamin’ crows, NT businesses have been warned to keep their eyes peeled for fake bank notes, which were stolen from a local film and TV company in Alice Springs.

But forget Banjo Paterson, Dame Nellie Melba and David Unaipon appearing on the notes, the fake notes feature portraits of Steve Irwin and Home and Away‘s Ray Meagher.

The fakies also feature:

  • ‘Straylia’ instead of ‘Australia’
  • A mining haul truck instead of the Australian Masked Owl and native wattle
  • John Farnham instead of the Shrine of Remembrance

Detective Acting Senior Sergeant Robert Kent has said it is unknown how much of the money was stolen and how many people were involved in the theft.

“At this stage investigators are unsure of how much fake money was stolen but it may include $10, $20, $50 and $100 dollar bills,” he said.

“Police would suggest maybe taking a quick glance at any bills received for the next few weeks to make sure you’re getting the real thing.”

Police are warning businesses to beware of anyone trying to use the notes.