Tutoring company Preply made it their mission to find out which of Australia’s cities is the rudest.

Although generally as Australians we have a reputation of being laid back and friendly, there are parts of our country where that might not be the case, so Preply asked 1,503 local residents in some of the country’s major cities to find out which cities have the “worst behaviour” and “where (you) would be most likely to encounter rudeness.”

“Major cities are usually over-represented when it comes to antisocial behaviour, the results of our survey might surprise you! There are some smaller Australian cities with somewhat shonky reputations that have made it to the top of the list”, Preply found.

According to this survey, “the most-complained-about behaviours included people being absorbed by their mobile phones, being noisy in public, and not letting other drivers merge in traffic.”

The survey discovered that the top 10 rudest cities in Australia are:

1: Bundaberg, QLD

2: Rockhampton, QLD


3: Brisbane, QLD

4: Adelaide, SA

5: Toowoomba, QLD

6: Coffs Harbour, NSW

7: Geelong, VIC

8: Melbourne, VIC


9: Canberra, ACT

10: Cairns, QLD

I guess 8th on the list isn’t too bad?

It seems that the tropical Queensland weather is actually making its residents rude instead of laid back.

Preply notes that “Queensland has experienced severe climate extremes in the last few years, including floods, heatwaves, droughts, and bushfires. In fairness to these cities, if you lived in limbo after losing your house in a flood, you’d be stressed too.”

From this survey, we also now know where Australia’s most polite cities are, and again, Queensland tops this list.

1: Sunshine Coast, QLD

2: Hobart, TAS

3: Melton, VIC

4: Newcastle, NSW

5: Bendigo, VIC

6: Cranbourne, VIC

7: Wollongong, VIC

8: Perth, WA

9: Albury-Wodonga, NSW

10: Ballarat, VIC