Yeah, you read that correctly, TWO-HOUR FLIGHTS from Sydney to London may soon be a possibility. Wild.

According to the Australian Financial Review Suborbital Space Flights could be a reality for commercial airlines in less than 10 years. While the travel time sounds perfect, it doesn’t come without some… difficulties. Suborbital Space Flights are flights that go up into outer space (into orbit) and back down again and if you’ve ever seen a space movie you’ll know it’s not exactly a “smooth trip”.

When the flight is launched passengers can experience around three or four times the gravitational force we have on Earth and up to six times the force upon re-entry. This can result in higher blood pressure, oxygen deficiency, loss of blood to the head, temporary loss of vision and perhaps a loss of consciousness (fun!). Britain’s Civil Aviation Authority have teamed up with research partners to investigate whether or not our bodies can handle the pressure and how to mitigate the unpleasantries.

Once they iron out those few little bugs we could be ducking to London for brunch and still make it home in time for dinner. Isn’t that insane?

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