Exciting news for those who value recycling and saving money: starting November 1, residents of Victoria will be able to receive a 10 cent refund for each old can, carton, or bottle they bring to a state-operated recycling center. Premier Dan Andrews shared the program’s announcement on social media, revealing that it will be the largest of its kind in Australia, in typical Victorian fashion.

The initiative, named CDS Vic, aims to cut Victoria’s litter by up to 50%, generate new economic opportunities, create 645 jobs, and transform drink containers into fresh recycled goods, according to a press release from the state government. The program will also enable charities, community organizations, environmental groups, sports clubs, and educational institutions to organize donation drives and raise funds while also assisting the environment.

The state plans to establish a staggering 600 recycling drop-off locations throughout Victoria. According to State Environment Minister Ingrid Stitt, “Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme will increase the number of cans, bottles, and cartons recycled into new goods, provide extra cash to Victorians, and reduce the amount of litter in our environment by half.”

It might sound familiar, and that’s because South Australia has had a similar program in place since 1977. South Australians are justifiably proud of their recycling efforts, with the state’s EPA reporting a 76% return rate in 2020-2021, the highest of any state or territory in Australia. Furthermore, only 2.8% of landfill waste is made up of beverage containers since the majority is returned for the 10-cent refund.