Every year we all go through changes. Our jobs. Our families. The price of McDonald’s soft serves.

But we can all come together to appreciate the inevitability of someone crashing into the Montague Street Bridge.

Let’s take a stroll down the 2023 memory lane to relax for the New Year.

28th March

The start of the year had us all waiting with bated breath until it finally happened. On Tuesday the 28th of March a White Truck rolled the dice and had a crack. It almost made it but the bridge would not let it leave so easily.

16th June


The word of what happened in March however could only travel so far as this next driver was so enthralled by the aliens on the wall that they stopped off to spend some quality time together.

04th July

Clearly this must have sparked some anger in the small truck community because the next driver arrived with revenge in their eyes and attempted to tear not only the bridge down but a passing tram as well.

04/07/2023 - Tempestuous Transport Truck tempts to tear away the treasured Monty Bridge!

07th July


The previous driver must have called for assistance as it was only days later when the next truck became stuck and I just can’t imagine any other reason for it to happen this soon other than saving a friend!

07/07/2023 - Thrifty Truck Takes on Montague Street Bridge: When Blue Became Bruised!

04th August

This driver must have thought the bridge was taller on the ends so tried to sneak their way through. But in their defence that “Low Clearance” sign is looking a tad worse for wear.

04/08/2023 - Preposterous Pick-up Plight: Trembling Truck, Terrifying Bridge, and an Excavator's Escapade!

17th August


Bright yellow edge, Check. Low Clearance sign, Check. Local Melburnian trying to remove the Sydney Swans Red and White from their favourite bridge.

17/08/2023 - Wobbly White Truck Wrecks Tram's Tranquil Travels on Montague!

06th September

This one…has me confused…. I mean… It’s not even close to being small enough to fit. Either they were having a bad day… or they just really wanted to break their glass

06/09/2023 - Shattered Dreams: Montague's Truck Troubles and Tumbled Glass!

30th October


Whether this was a quick attempt from Australia Ewaste to recycle the metal from Montague Street Bridge, we’re unsure.

10th December

Maui meets Montague. Whether this was tourists who were unable to read the sign straight above them, we’re not sure, but I think we can safely say it would have left a dent in their trip.

And that’s a wrap!


We’re sure that we’ll continue to see many more vehicles making contact with the iconic bridge in 2024 because some things never change.