A big change is coming to 100 stores across NSW and VIC, as Woolworths is rolling out it’s new ‘dine in’ range. Your first thought might be ‘is Woolworths turning into IKEA?’ but (un?)fortunately, we don’t mean sit down, get comfy, table service ‘dine in’, their new range is intended to replicate the feeling of going to a pub for a good feed, but from the comfort of your own home.

Included in this range so far are a 1.6kg whole roast chicken dinner with herb roasted potatoes, corn cobs, carrot and pumpkin wedges for $25, or $6.25 per serve, a 1.2kg meat lovers pasta bake for $20, or $5 per serve, a 1.2kg Spanish paella and a 1.6kg chicken parmigiana with mash potato and vegetables.

Nothing really comes close to a good pub grub, but worth a shot!