Last year, Channel 10 took a punt and decided to cast two bachelorettes, but this year, they’re taking it a step further with THREE bachelors!

The eligible suitors are Felix Von Hofe, Thomas Malucelli and Jed McIntosh.


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Felix Van Hofe is 27 years old, from Melbourne, and described by Channel 10 as a “Victorian marketing manager and a self-confessed family man” (aren’t they all??) He states that “For me, the most attractive quality a girl can have is a good sense of humour. My dream date would be anything where it ends up hurting to laugh, because if we’re both laughing the whole time then it can’t get much better.”

He’s not the only bachelor from Melbourne though! Jed McIntosh is 25 years old, and the lead drummer and songwriter for Mood Monroe. He is looking for  a woman who is “confident, passionate, empathetic, and ready to commit… and willing to find love on a public platform”. Sounds like the recipe for true romance!

If any single Melbourne women are wondering how Channel 10 found TWO eligible guys when it’s so hard to find one, I guess the missing ingredient must be a camera crew!

Finally, behind Door #3, we have Sydney based but Italian born Thomas Malucelli, who is a 35 year old restaurant manager and “hopeless romantic”. He’s looking for “a woman who is confident, honest and a great communicator”.


If you’re still thinking “cool but why do you need THREE?”, host Osher Günsberg told The Project that “We’re doing a world-first. No one in the world has ever had three bachelors, and therefore the way it works and the way everyone gets to know each other is very different this year.”

At this point you have to wonder, what is the limit of suitors until The Bachelor becomes Love Island? Either way, it sounds like a recipe for mess so I’m in!

Image credit: Channel 10