McCrindle Research just dropped its annual baby names report, and there are some cool trends to check out!

Isla and Oliver are still ruling the roost, but a bunch of once-popular names have disappeared from the top 100.

For girls, names like Jasmine, Lilly, Charlie, Gracie, Claire, have lost some ground over the past year.

The boys have seen changes too, with Jaxon, Ashton, Vincent, Connor and Elias slipping down the ranks.

While vintage names are making a big comeback like Hazel, Violet and Arthur are adding a touch of old-school charm to modern nurseries, other traditional boy names like Harry and Charles have taken a hit.

Charles just made it to the top 100 at spot 99, while Harry dropped 17 places to number 35.

Simplicity seems to be the new trendsetter, with names like Leo Mia, Eli and Isla topping the charts. These names are not only easy to spell and say but are also super popular.


Oliver is still the top boys’ name for the 11th year straight. Noah takes second place, followed by Henry, Leo, and Theodore.

Amidst all these changes, ten new names have broken into the top 100 for the first time.

Miles made the most impressive jump, going from 101 to 48.

With such drastic changes, it’s clear that baby name trends are as unpredictable as ever!