Music Producer Timbaland has outraged Britney Spears’ fans after he made disgraceful comments about her needing a ‘muzzle’ after exposing her new memoir.

In an interview at an event called ‘Sound Architects: A Producer Conversation with Timbaland’, he praised Justin Timberlake for their single ‘Cry Me A River’, which he produced. 

Someone from the crowd then asked about the recent attention the song has gotten following the release of Britney’s memoir ‘The Woman In Me’, where she wrote of her and Justin’s tumultuous relationship that ended in 2002.

He interrupted the question by saying “She going crazy” and proceeded to say “I wanted to call and say ‘JT you gotta put a muzzle on that girl”.

While some laughs were heard from the audience after the disgusting comment, some sounded shocked at the outrageous remark.

Watch the moment from the interview below.


Many pointed out how offensive the comment was considering that she was silenced for over 13 years during her extremely restrictive conservatorship.

Some even said they were reconsidering being a Timbaland supporter after the comments.

In the memoir, Britney revealed that she was pregnant with Justin’s baby and had an abortion after he told her he ‘wasn’t ready to be a father’.


She also accused him of cheating on her multiple times and explained how he broke up with her over a two-word text saying ‘it’s over’.

“I think [the breakup] was because he’d decided to use me as ammunition for his record,” she wrote. 

Not good from you Timbaland, not good.

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