Fans are convinced that Dua Lipa is launching a brand new era after they’ve noticed her make some interesting moves across social media and Apple Music.

So, we’ve gathered all the clues to give you the first look at what the new Dua Lipa will look like.

First of all, the Dance The Night singer deleted all of her Instagram posts and updated her profile picture.

She’s also updated her previous album and single covers on Apple Music which has really thrown us.


Fans then noticed that the thumbnails for her music videos on YouTube had been updated.

While we love the new look, the bottom two are giving us 2012 vibes with the flowers and tinted glasses.

She last released ‘Future Nostalgia’, back in 2020, which was full of dance bops like ‘Don’t Start Now’, ‘Levitating’ and let’s not forget ‘Physical’.


The album even won her a Grammy award for Best Pop Vocal Album so you could say we’re expecting some big things from her new releases.

Based on the visual aspects we’ve seen so far, it looks like Dua might be exploring some new territories, with the new art giving us a sort of psychedelic feel.

We’re excited to see this new era!

Listen to more of Dua Lipa to prepare for her new album on iHeart radio below!