People are calling out Sydney Sweeney for lying about her ‘pre-fame’ job online, with previous employees coming out to expose the actress’ previous interview claims.

It’s been pointed out that in multiple of her previous interviews, the 26-year-old Euphoria star has suggested that she worked as a tour guide at Universal Studios before landing her first acting role in the series ‘Sharp Objects’.

“I love tour guides at Universal. I memorized the entire thing, so I was there for a little bit, and then I actually booked Sharp Objects” she said in her recent ‘Hot Ones’ interview.


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After hearing her claims, many Universal Studios employees have come out on TikTok to expose the star, claiming that she never worked there and is lying.

He noted how strange it is of her to lie about something like that, sharing that he thinks she got taken out of context and has been forced to keep up the lie while continuing to be questioned about it.


TikToker Taylor Hancock, who has worked as a tour guide at Universal for many years, stitched the interview moment and called out the star for making up such a weird lie.



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Becca Murray, who also worked at Universal Studios for 7 years, explained that the job isn’t easy to get and if Sydney Sweeney was a tour guide, it’s something the company would publicly claim.


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Another tour guide even commented on the video to expose her once and for all.

Looks like poor Sydney Sweeney has got herself stuck in a pretty awkward situation…