An Aussie Mum has posted a viral TikTok video sharing her concerns over a shocking discovery inside a Kmart dollhouse set.

Simone Navybox innocently went to Kmart to purchase a cute dollhouse set for her daughter, but when she opened the box to unpack everything she was shocked to discover something thats pretty on the nose, if not tone deaf!


it went in the bin ✨

♬ Tell Ur Girlfriend – Lay Bankz

A set of weight scales were found in the set, and surely after years of (particularly women) fighting against societies unhealthy diet culture and body shaming Kmart would know better than to pop a set of scales into a child’s dollhouse set!

“Um probably not gonna teach my little girl she needs scales in her bathroom Kmart.”

Thousands of viewers showed their support in the comments, one person commenting “Literally having a scale in my bathroom ruined my life,”


“Thank you! A lot of people think it’s not that serious but I’d rather be safe than ruin my kids’ teenage years, it really does start at home,” a second wrote.

Read the room, Kmart!