Hitting social media like a storm, Sydney Socialite Roxy Jacenko has agreed to splurge on a luxurious watch for her 9 year old son.

The Sydney businesswoman, who founded public relations firm Sweaty Betty PR, has spent the summer travelling through Asia with her two children Pixie and Hunter.

Her children are used to a certain lifestyle with Pixie the eldest celebrating a $40,000 11th birthday party and owning a $270,000 Mercedes Benz Gl.

Pixie has been seen on social media “Bantering” with her mother calling her stupid and demanding presents.

Hunter not to be outdone has now joined in with his own extravagant request.

Expanding on the Christmas list that included $700 perfumes, Jacenko has shared WhatsApp messages with her son where she shows off his expensive tastes.


“I miss you,” Jacenko sends through.

“Same. Can you buy me presents. And surprise me. Not s*** ones tho. Like cool stuff.”

“Like what. No problem.” She responds

“This please,” he wrote, sending a picture of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar watch, valued at about $863,000.

A jump up from his $26,000 Diamond Rolex he already owns.

Jacenko has agreed to the request and will join the search for the highly sought after piece by celebrities.