Robbie Williams has sported his Carlton AFL jersey to go incognito on the streets of London, in an epic social experiment and spoiler alert — it worked.

The pop legend has been on an undercover mission to wear different outfits in public to see whether he still gets recognised by fans.

As we all know, Robbie is a mad Carlton supporter, sharing his love for the team on social media and even writing a tribute song for the club to celebrate their win over the Sydney Swans in last years elimination final.

In his latest attempt at the experiment, Robbie decided to dust off his Blues guernsey and head out to the streets of London with his wife Ayda to see if he would be recognised with the Aussie touch.

Robbie explained that he hoped once people saw his name on the back of the jersey that they would eventually recognise him.


The ‘Angels’ singer can be seen sitting on a bench while people pass him by, not realising that one of the world’s biggest musicians is sitting right there.

Someone commented what we were all thinking, “I would lose my mind if I saw Robbie Williams sitting on a public bench 😭😂”.

In the final video, Robbie looks chuffed after he finally gets stopped on the street by fans, saying to the camera “back in the game”.


Piers Morgan even commented on the video, “😂😂😂😂I’m going to bump into you soon…”

The experiment came about after Williams was walking home from a lunch through London’s Hyde Park in an all pink suit and diamanté sunglasses and no one recognised him.

“Absolutely nobody has recognised me or has bothered me, and I really need them to” he said in the video.


Fans were outraged that Robbie didn’t get noticed, with one commenting “Omg what is wrong with these people 😂”.

If you’re reading this Robbie, we wouldn’t mind if you gave this social experiment a try down under…

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