Rihanna is getting slammed for doing the ‘bare minimum’ when she performed at a billionaire’s wedding in India over the weekend after reports of how much she was paid went viral.

The star surprised fans when she made a rare performance at the billionaire son of Asia’s richest man, Anant Ambani and his bride to be Radhika Merchant’s 3-day pre-wedding celebrations in India.

The high profile wedding also welcomed the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Ivanka Trump along with global billionaires, head of states, Hollywood and Bollywood royalty attending the extravaganza.

It was revealed that the star was paid 5 million pounds for her performance, which works out to be just over $9M AUD… just let that sink in.

As videos of her performance went viral, people were quick to criticise her for ‘ripping off’ Ambani, claiming the million dollar show was ‘lazy’.

One fan wrote “Pls she don’t even remember what performing is like. She forgot she was a singer”, while another said “Rent was due. She didn’t care.”

She’s also been criticised for ‘selling herself out’, with people claiming that she would do anything for enough money.

I mean for $9 million dollars… we can’t blame her.

Fans did uncover a reason that may have influenced her to perform at the wedding, with the Ambani family set to aquire the rights to Sephora India, where she would want her brand Fenty Beauty to be stocked.

All we’ve got to say is get that bag RiRi!

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