Rebel Wilson has revealed the strange reason why she believes Adele ‘hates’ her in her new tell-all memoir ‘Rebel Rising’.

The 44-year-old Aussie actress, who rose to fame from her role as ‘Fat Amy’ in Pitch Perfect, shared that the pair used to get ‘confused’ with one another back in the day.

“Some actresses would get offended if I called them plus-size in this book, so I have to be careful with what I say. This is why, I think, Adele hates me,” she wrote.

“There was a moment when she was bigger, and some people would confuse us for one another,” going on to reveal that, “To be fair I’ve never asked her.”

In the book, Wilson goes on to claim that she crossed paths with Adele at events but whenever she would approach her, the singer seemed to “always quickly” turn away.


“As if my fatness might rub off on her if I were near her for more than thirty seconds,” she continued.

“She didn’t like being compared to ‘Fat Amy,’” she further shared.

Rebel also wrote a chapter in her book about her experience with Sacha Baron Cohen during the filming of their 2016 film ‘The Brothers Grimsby’, sparking a public feud between the pair.

Hear Rebel discuss the film with Kyle and Jackie O below!