The release of Prince Harry’s memoir Spare has been giving us bombshell after bombshell, with the PR machine in full force.

In the latest revelatory interview, Harry has reflected on his reaction to the news that his taxpayer-funded security had been pulled by the Royals.

In an interview with Good Morning America, the Duke of Sussex revealed that he was “stunned” to have found out that his and Meghan Markle’s security detail had been taken away.

It’s understood that Dad Charles was initially footing the bill for Harry’s security detail, which is estimated to run up to around $4.3 million annually. The bill for Royals’ security details is usually footed by the British taxpayer.

“I was stunned that my family would allow security to be taken away, especially at the most vulnerable point for us,” Harry told Good Morning America.

Four point three million dollars per year. Just as an aside, we understand that Harry and Meghan’s Netflix deal is worth upwards of $87 million, but whatever.

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