Colleen Ballinger, also known as Miranda Sings, was accused of misconduct and grooming after multiple of her former fans spoke out about their inappropriate experiences with her.

YouTuber and Internet sensation Trisha Paytas, who co-hosted a podcast with Colleen, even spoke out condemning her former friend’s behaviour and stating she no longer wanted anything to do with Colleen.

Last week, Colleen decided to address the controversy in a pretty unconventional way – by singing a song on the ukelele, denying the allegations and accusing her viewers of making up ‘lies and rumours’.

The 10-minute song, which was posted to YouTube with the title ‘hi’, quickly went viral and received worldwide backlash, leaving people questioning why she would address such serious accusations in a song.

However, Ethan Klein, who runs the popular YouTube channel h3h3 Productions, has now shared screenshots of being hit with a copyright claim for using the song ‘Toxic Gossip Train’ in an episode discussing the situation.


While Colleen is yet to comment on the claims, the news has enraged fans as it enables Colleen to profit from the attention her video received.

Former fans even noticed that the song has been uploaded to her official Apple Music profile as a single, although it is unclear whether she uploaded it herself.



Following the news, Colleen is getting slammed and ridiculed online, with fans conspiring that the apology video was fake and that her actions confirm her guilt in the situation.

As of July 10th, Colleen has cancelled the remaining dates of her Miranda Sings live tour amid the controversy.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse…