Robbie Williams has shown that he might be a contender for one of Carlton’s biggest fans, celebrating their knockout semi-final win against the Melbourne Demons with an incredible tribute to the club.

After the Blues took out the thrilling semi-final with a score of 73-71 against the Dees, the musical superstar wrote an epic tribute to star player Tom De Koning and coach Michael Voss.

“The city is ours, the city is ours. One team in Melbourne, the city is ours.” he chanted.

He sang praise for De Koning to the tune of ‘Love Is In The Air’, which made fans go wild.

Watch the stars celebration below.


He revealed his support for the club when he performed at the AFL Grand Final last year, sharing in an interview with Channel 7 that he was ‘easily swayed’ after coach Michael Voss greeted him and gave him a shirt.

“I also like that white emblem thing they have on the front and the navy blue,” he said.

Could we be seeing another tribute after their match against the Lions this weekend?

Only time will tell!

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