There has been a LOT of Elvis chat since Austin Butler and Baz Luhrmann brought the Rock n Roll legends story to the big screen. It’s probably because everybody loves the story of Elvis; a small-town boy who became one of the most famous and significant figures in modern entertainment history.

But that’s not the whole story…

The parts often left out of the movies, TV shows and articles dedicated to the late singer are those with darker undertones. Elvis’ life and career wasn’t only filled with highs, there were plenty of lows too, and A24 are about to put them under a spotlight with their latest movie.

‘Priscilla’ will tell the story of Elvis, the good and the bad, from his wife’s perspective. From the trailer, we see the story starts before they met (when she was 14 by the way) and follows right through from there. Based off her 1985 memoir ‘Elvis and Me’ I can only imagine what juicy secrets are about to be spilled to the masses.

With no release date set as of yet, we’ll have to get our fix from the trailer. Check it out below!