There’s growing concern online for model-turned-actress Cara Delevingne as her behaviour appears to be spiraling out of control.

While Ms Delevingne is definitely not new to the “party scene” it seems her habits are quickly shifting from ‘having a good time’ to ‘this is concerning’. While celebrating her 30th Birthday on a lavish yacht in Spain recently a friend said “She was more messy out there than she had been in a while but says she is OK, fine about turning 30 and having a great time” according to the Daily Mail.


There have been two specific incidents following that trip however that have sparked major concern. The first being Cara photographed smoking some form of pipe apparatus while alone in her car, the other is the video below. Filmed outside an airport in Los Angeles roughly a week ago Ms Delevingne appears to be very jittery, disheveled and showing signs of erratic behaviour.


“We are all incredibly concerned. The situation has been building for a few weeks now, and Cara’s family is involved,” a close friend told The Sun last week according to The Daily Mail. “There is talk of staging some kind of intervention and making sure Cara gets the help she may well need”. The list of concerned friends includes our very own Margot Robbie who was pictured leaving Cara’s LA home earlier this week obviously quite upset.

Clint Brewer Photography / A.I.M / BACKGRID

No official word from Cara Delevingne’s camp yet..