As My Kitchen Rules wraps up for another season, Manu has made the bold choice of making quite the nasty comment.

Manu spoke with The Daily Telegraph’s Sydney Confidential and said “Without being an asshole, I think we could’ve had some better cooks.” He followed with “People have got to be more experienced — real foodies.”

Does Manu think people are just joining for the fame? There’s a bit of speculation around his comments.

On top of slamming the cooks of the show, Manu also commented on how he reckons that Aussies aren’t as interested in cooking shows anymore. “I’m not sure if there’s an appetite for more,”… “I thought two years ago it was the end of my TV career, and I was happy either way.”

“Frankly, I’ve had a ball. If it continues on, I’d be happy to keep going. But you know, there’s an end to everything at the end of the day.”

Some choice words from Manu… it will be interesting if he returns for next season.