It has been announced that a small Victorian town will become the set of Liam Neeson’s new blockbuster sequel film this summer.

A team of filmmakers will travel 184km east of Melbourne to the small town of Walhalla, Gippsland, to film the sequel to the 2021 Netflix film ‘The Ice Road’ in January.

The town announced the news on their Facebook page, revealing that the Walhalla’s Star Hotel and the rotunda will be used for the Hollywood film.

The film is a sequel to the 2021 Netflix film ‘The Ice Road’ which sees Liam Neeson take on the role of an ice driver on a rescue mission to save trapped diamond minders in Canada.

It seems the filming will take over the small town of around 35 people for three weeks in January 2024, with stunts, large vehicles, special effects and prop guns planned to be brought in as well as over 90 crew members.


A letter from Servo Productions informed residents and business holders that there will be some notable changes to landmarks of the town to transform it into a Nepalese marketplace for filming.

“You will notice cosmetic changes to Walhalla’s Star Hotel and other landmarks on Main Rd,” the letter said.

“These buildings will be returned to their original heritage colours shortly after filming has completed.”

Watch the trailer for the first film below!