U2 are currently enjoying a highly-shared-on-social-media-by-every-famous-person-ever residency at the Las Vegas Sphere. The residency itself is making headlines around the world for multiple reasons; they’re U2, it’s the first time the venue has been open to the public, it’s a giant freakin’ sphere, etc.

Fans enjoying the Irish legends show last night received an extra surprise: Lady freakin’ Gaga.

Lady Gaga joined Bono, The Edge, and the other guys whose names nobody remembers, to perform her hit ‘Shallows’ from the movie “A Star Is Born”. There’s something quite surreal about seeing U2 and Lady Gaga perform together, it’s magic. While there are no “official” videos there are plenty of clips online including the below from @ladygaganownet on X (twitter).