Kris Jenner has broken down in tears while revealing her scary medical diagnosis with her family.

On the new episode of The Kardashians, 69-year-old Jenner broke the news to her daughters that doctors found a small cyst and a tumour on her ovaries and that she needed to have surgery to get them removed to rule out anything more serious.

The iconic ‘momager’ became emotional as she shared the news with her partner 43-year-old Corey Gamble, alongside daughters Kendall, Kim and Khloe.

“They found — and this just makes me really emotional — but they found a cyst and a little tumour on my ovary.”

“Dr A said I’ve gotta have my ovaries taken out, and I’m emotional about it because they came in handy with you guys. That’s where all my kids were conceived, and that’s where they were grown, in my tummy. So this is a very sacred place to me”, she said.


After Kris revealed the scary news, they called sister Kourtney who empathised with her mother’s emotional battle about the diagnosis.

“It’s your womanly power and it doesn’t mean that it’s taking away who she is or what she’s experienced, but I would feel this sentimental feeling of what it’s created,” Kourtney said.

Kim agreed, saying “I feel really sad for her. I couldn’t even imagine being in that situation and how you would feel really scared to be going through that.”

Kris assured her daughters that after having her hip replacement, she was sure she could get through anything with her family’s support.

““I’m gonna be fine…I have you guys. People often ask me what is the best job I’ve ever had, and I’ve always said ‘Mom’.”

We’re sending our thoughts and prayers to Kris for a speedy recovery!