If you’re one of the unlucky Taylor Swift fans who missed out on tickets to her Australian Eras Tour dates, there is a ray of hope.

Ticketek’s official resale platform, Ticketek Marketplace, will open on Friday, giving Swifties one last chance to get their hands on tickets.

You might be wondering how it all works.

The marketplace is set up for people who previously bought tickets in the earlier sales to resell their tickets on their website.

The tickets sold through the platform are officially recognised by Ticketek, meaning it’s the best chance for fans to get their hands on legitimate tickets.


The marketplace will open at 10 am AEST on Friday 24th November on their website here, where people can buy and sell tickets when they become available.

If you’re thinking the ticket prices are going to be sky high, Ticketek has made sure the tickets are not able to be listed for more than 10% above the price they were bought for in an effort to stop inflated ticket prices.

Ticketek has warned that any ticket offered for sale elsewhere, from resale sites like Tixel, “may result in all your orders and tickets cancelled without notice to you and your ticket price refunded.”

Good luck Swifties!

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