Hollywood stars Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney took a trip down under for their new film ‘Anyone But You’, which was shot in locations across Sydney earlier this year.

The first teaser trailer dropped yesterday, giving us the first taste of the spicy romantic drama and a glimpse at how much our biggest city is featured.

The story follows Bea, played by Sweeney, and Ben, played by Powell, who seem like the perfect couple but after their first date, their attraction turns ice cold.

That is until they find themselves at a destination wedding in Sydney, where they pretend to be a couple.

The pair seem to have a fiery chemistry for two people who ‘hate each other’, with rumours swirling that the pair had more than just an on-screen relationship, despite Sweeney being engaged.

Sweeney shared how much she enjoyed filming the movie in an interview, saying it was ‘laughter 24/7’.

“We were just having a great time every day. It was a really, really fun experience.”


The film debuts in theatres on December 22nd but you can watch the trailer below.