Ed Sheeran proudly performed his first gender reveal in front of 70,000 concert-goers in Kansas City over the weekend after he was passed a note from an expectant couple asking him to announce the sex of their baby.

“I will go back to singing ‘Perfect,’ but I feel like this is the first-time sort of thing,” Sheeran said as he pulled a piece of paper from an envelope.

He posted the moment, and the couple’s reaction, to his Instagram account.


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“It’s a girl!” he exclaimed as the couple, standing near the stage, hugged.

“Can I just say, as the father of two daughters, it’s very awesome,” Sheeran said. “It’s very awesome. Congratulations.”

Sweet, right?

Unfortunately, it was wrong.

It was later revealed that the couple are actually expecting a boy.

The mistake wasn’t Sheeran’s – it was made by a friend of the couple and wasn’t realised until after the concert.

“We had a family friend look at the chart so everybody was surprised, and they misread it and they read my gender, not the baby’s gender,” the expectant mum told local reporters.

It’s understood that ‘Ed’ is not on the couple’s list of baby names.

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