Ed Sheeran’s recent flight from Miami to London took a scary turn when a drunk passenger created a terrifying air rage incident, allegedly abusing staff and passengers.

According to reports, the flight had been in the air for an hour when a passenger demanded a drink but was enraged when they were refused service.

In a clip of the incident, the passenger was heard yelling “F*** you, you c**** – take all of your annoying c*** faces out of my f****** eye range.”


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The passenger then went on a racially charged tirade, making monkey noises at passengers and crew before an off-duty cop had to restrain him and strap him into a jump seat.

The ‘Shape of You’ singer posed for a photo with passenger Dan Haughian at Miami airport before boarding the nightmare flight.


Source: Dan Haughian/Facebook

He shared insight into the terrifying incident with The Sun, saying “Everything just descended into chaos. The things this guy was saying and doing were just obscene.”

“The language coming out of his mouth was worse than you’d hear at a footie match. He was lucky nobody knocked him out, everyone was horrified. There were loads of kids watching.”

At one point, they thought the plane might have to be diverted but the pilot assured passengers that they would make it to Heathrow, where they were met with officers who escorted the passenger off the plane.

That might make Ed Sheeran want to fly privately in the future…

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