Britney Spears has confirmed fans’ suspicions that ‘something is going on’ with her, explaining that it’s ‘beyond comprehension’.

There have long been concerns that Britney isn’t quite herself after her release from her conservatorship, which mostly stems from her bizarre social media presence.

The New York Post reports that the Woman In Me author spoke out on Wednesday in an Instagram post where she shared a video of the Beauty and The Beast opening, where the narrator explains Prince Adam was transformed into a horrific creature.

“Here’s a clip of my favourite movie!!!! Looks are deceiving !!! I’ve been turned down by so many and incredibly hurt by many. In a world where looks have always been important … where vanity lies … it’s the secret to steal a man’s heart!!!!” she wrote.

“It’s weird cause although I do Instagram, I don’t follow social media, the news, and the fan chatter!!! I’ve been doing that this week and it’s weird cause it feels like a lot of fans already kind of know me and they (sic) way they speak is incredibly kind.”

She then went on to confirm suspicions that Britney fans have had for a while now.

“They always a suspicion that something’s going on !!!! Well guess what Britney nerds … you were 100 per cent right!!!” the singer admitted. “I don’t have time to speak about any of it cause at this particular moment it’s beyond comprehension!!!” she revealed.


While the post has now been deleted from her account, it’s left fans questioning what on earth is actually going on, with the singer sharing a naked photo of her on the beach on Wednesday with the caption “…it’s just me !!!”

We’re not quite sure what exactly is going on with Britney and honestly we’re not sure we ever will.

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