Warning: distressing content

An Aussie Dad has punched a gang of monkeys in the face after they attacked him and his 1-year-old son Darwin.

The terrifying incident happened on a beach in the Ko Phi Phi Islands in Thailand known for its less-than-friendly monkey population.

Riley Whitely and his wife Elayna Carouse were visiting the beach with their sons Lenny, 5, and Darwin, 1.

The scary footage shows Riley standing with his sons as the monkeys come past them. Then Riley notices the monkeys are going for their nearby bags, which aren’t filled with food but phones, wallets and even a passport.

Riley tries to scare them off and they lunge towards him, baring their teeth and attacking young Darwin standing nearby.

Riley picks up Darwin and continues shouting at the monkeys to scare them away, with the monkeys only inches away from the vulnerable toddler.


With Darwin safe with a friend, Riley goes in to collect their bags as the monkeys gang up on him. Riley ends up punching a couple of monkeys in the face as they continue to swipe and lunge at him.

The whole time, nearby onlookers are busy filming instead of helping.

Check out the scary footage:

Mum Elayna was snorkelling nearby, oblivious to the commotion, with Riley and his cameraman relaying the events to her.

“I’ve been in a punch up with a dozen monkeys,” Riley says while holding Darwin and showing his bleeding finger where a monkey tooth had pierced his skin.


The situation was even scarier once they realised the monkeys can carry rabies, which is 100% fatal if not treated immediately. Riley went into town to a rabies vaccination as well as a shot for tetanus, where doctors explained they see one or two people every day who’ve been bitten by the vicious monkeys.

“I feel bad for punching a monkey” Riley explains in the video, while Elayna explains they didn’t really research the location and “had we had known this beach was notorious for monkey attacks, we wouldn’t have gone”.

The couple have been sailing around the world for 9 years documenting their adventures on YouTube.